FCI in transition

We are living in a changeable world. Politically the last 25 years have been characterised by very big changes: New countries have emerged, others have dissolved and new state formations have appeared.

This has of course affected the FCI and our whole organisation. We have become many more members and before long we will probably pass a total of 100 full member countries, associated countries and contract partners. And not many years ago we were “only” 70 countries.
As most people will know, our statutes are based on the principle “one country – one vote” and this principle will surely be challenged in the coming years, as the rapid increase in the number of members with a lot of quite small kennel clubs is diluting the influence of the large and middle-sized countries; those countries that pay for almost the entire running of the FCI (the 5 largest contributors pay more than 1/3 of the total income of the FCI).

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Jørgen Hindse
The first shovel blow marks the launch of the works for the new building at FCI headquarters in Thuin!

Kitted out with safety helmets, Messrs Rafael de Santiago (FCI President), Benoît Delfosse (Person in charge of the building site) and Rémi Mouligneau (Architect) provided themselves with shovels to symbolically launch the works for the new building at the FCI General Secretariat of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, on August 28th 2013, a gloriously sunny day.

The duration of the works is reckoned to be about 14 months, from 20 September 2013. We already look forward to soon enjoy modern offices, well suited for a worldwide federation ready to welcome its members in the best conditions.

See you again there in the next future !

From left to right : Benoît Delfosse, Rafael de Santiago and Rémi Mouligneau
From left to right : Benoît Delfosse, Rafael de Santiago and Rémi Mouligneau

The FCI welcomes one new contract partner

The FCI General Committee has the pleasure to inform that a new national canine organisation has just signed a partnership contract with our federation:

  • the Armenian Dog-Lovers‘ Association, whose president is Mr Hakobyan

Armenia is thus joining the big FCI family now counting 88 members.

Welcome to our new contract partner!

The Egyptian Kennel Federation for Breeds Purification (EKF) visiting the FCI stand in Geneva !

Mohamed El Azhary (President & CEO) and Ayman Ezzeldin (Foreign & Public Relations Manager) stopped at the FCI stand during the European Section Dog Show held in Geneva from August 30th to September 1st. They sat with Rafael de Santiago (FCI President), Gerard Jipping (FCI Vice-president) and Yves De Clercq (FCI Executive Director) for a pleasant chat. They further talked about the last administrative steps to possibly complete their application as FCI contract partner.

From left to right: Ayman Ezzeldin, Yves De Clercq, Gerard Jipping, Rafael de Santiago and Mohamed El Azhary

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