FCI in transition

We are living in a changeable world. Politically the last 25 years have been characterised by very big changes: New countries have emerged, others have dissolved and new state formations have appeared.

This has of course affected the FCI and our whole organisation. We have become many more members and before long we will probably pass a total of 100 full member countries, associated countries and contract partners. And not many years ago we were “only” 70 countries.
As most people will know, our statutes are based on the principle “one country – one vote” and this principle will surely be challenged in the coming years, as the rapid increase in the number of members with a lot of quite small kennel clubs is diluting the influence of the large and middle-sized countries; those countries that pay for almost the entire running of the FCI (the 5 largest contributors pay more than 1/3 of the total income of the FCI).

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Jørgen Hindse
Interview with Damir Skok, Croatian judge and President of the Croatian canine organisation
© Karl Donvil

What was your impression regarding the communication for the judges? Was everything clear and well organised?

First I’d like to thank Mr Pichard and Mrs Müller for their kind hospitality. As an organiser in Croatia I can say that we give more information to judges with regard to schedules, timing, breeds etc., but that is not the most important thing. But this can change the personal contact; whenever we need something from Mr Pichard or Mrs Müller, they are always available and that is more important than paperwork.

And the briefing for the main ring? I can see that all the judges are judging in the same way; to us, the Press, it is very much appreciated. Was there a briefing about it?

Yes there was a briefing each morning but also before we go to the pre-judging ring, we were reminded not to be late, how to run the dogs etc. And in the rings too, the ring stewards were excellent and I can tell as I judged two days.

And were you pleased with the hall and the rings? Were the exhibitors relaxed?

I had no issues with the exhibitors which is nice; I enjoyed it, but I would have liked to have more dogs to judge, the double would have been no problem at all.

But it was not cheap…

I think it was very fair. Somebody told me once that it is hard to organise a European Dog Show. It is really difficult with the recession and I admire the courage of the organizers, because with all the social media people are talking all the time about everything and about Switzerland not being hospitable, but I think the show itself told a different story and the biggest achievement of this show was the great hospitality of the Swiss Kennel Club and this comes totally from my heart.

I think they will be glad to hear that!

Interview by Karl Donvil